With the Soisy installment payment Receive your order immediately and pay the first installment in 30 days, you can choose to pay from a minimum of 3 installments to a maximum of 10 monthly installments, according to your needs, for orders of € 250.00 to € 15,000.00:

How can I use the service?

    At checkout, choose Soisy as the payment method: you will be redirected to their website to complete the order and complete the online request in 3 minutes
    Choose the number of installments and enter your details and documents, (keeping at hand)

  • IBAN of your account to which the installment will be debited
  • Identity document
  • Health card (only in some cases)

    Sign the contract (a code will be sent to you via text message)
    Pay in installments from the month following the purchase.

What are the requirements to pay in installments with Soisy ?:

    Being a natural person (no loans are granted to legal persons), of age, residing in Italy for at least 3 years
    Have a regular and demonstrable income
    Enjoy good creditworthiness (those who have undergone reports or protests in credit databases such as CRIF cannot request payment by installments with Soisy)
    Have a bank account (an IBAN must be indicated to which the automatic monthly payment of the installment must be debited, without bulletins or files in the mail).

Prices and installments are personalized and tailored; payment request subject to creditworthiness assessment and approval by Soisy, for more info visit the website https://www.soisy.it/pagare-a-rate/ or write to supporto@soisy.it.

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